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Killing Wall Street

A timely thriller about the terrible consequences of corporate greed and the unimaginable power of an ordinary citizen’s rage.

Catherine is a working class single mother who is living on the edge of a breakdown. After the financial crisis ruins what little is left of her life, she decides that she has had enough, and carries out a shocking revenge against the system that has victimized her.

An FBI Agent is put in charge of a very strange investigation. Someone is killing high-profile CEOs, bankers, and lawyers and leaving bizarre clues that lead nowhere, and the agent must figure out how to stop the anonymous killer. As the story races to its climax, he discovers that the victims were all hiding a deadly secret, and that these are no ordinary crimes.

But even as the agent pieces together the puzzle and homes in on his target, the biggest shock of all is yet to come…

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Killing Wall Street

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The 80s are over, but a new breed of corporate criminal has emerged-smarter and infinitely more dangerous. A gruesome murder kick-starts this explosive saga of greed, corruption and mayhem. Set in the secretive world of multi-billion dollar mergers and ruthless plays for money and power, Merger takes readers behind the closed doors of Wall Street to witness the shocking dealings of corrupt CEOs and unethical bankers who violate the public trust for their personal gain—similar to the real-life incidents at Enron and WorldCom.

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